Mandato™ is a suite of software productivity tools used to plan and design architectural  and architainment photometrically correct lighting systems.


The software can be used to design lighting systems which produce light landscapes with precisely controlled variations in light intensity. This gives the user the ability to model light intensity data in  3-D, and to produce  real-time lighting sequences, which measure illuminance and specify camera animation paths.


These tools will include Mandato Author™ and Mandato Design™.


Mandato Author™

Mandato Author™ is a highly functional 3D modelling software with full technical support. Users do not need to learn a new interface, workflow, or import third-party CAD drawing files.


Mandato Author™ will use architectural visualization engine and lighting calculation licensed by Heart Consultants Limited to Lighting Analysts Inc. (AGi32 and ElumTools) and Glamox AS (OptiWin 3D Pro). This software has been in production since 1995, and currently has an estimated 40,000 users worldwide.


Future versions of Mandato Author™ may support Autodesk’s Revit, McNeel & Associates’ Rhino, and Nemetscheks’ VectorWorks.


Mandato Design™

Mandato Design™ is a stand-alone program which gives users the ability to:

~ Import real-time lighting files (*.DDF)

~ Interact and view 3D lighting landscapes.

~ Manually dim and switch light fixtures.

~ Execute pre-programmed lighting sequences.

~ Accurately measure illuminance levels using virtual photometers in predetermined positions Use time, date, and location to predict twilight illuminance levels.

~ Connect to a DMX512 controller (requires a proprietary USB dongle) to display the 3D lighting landscape, with the ability to record, and play lighting commands.

~ Accept a DMX512 data stream to generate lighting sequences for off-line execution.

Cerise Mandato an Interactive 3D real-time dynamic lighting engine for architectural and entertainment