Recent developments in both horticultural lighting and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) have created a need for luminaire optical data documents that cannot be met with photometric data file formats such as ANSI/IES LM-63 and EULUMDAT that have been in use since the 1980s. In particular, there is a need for photon-based metrics and spectral quantum distribution information for horticultural, and radiometric data for UVGI.

Beginning in 2016, SunTracker Technologies began development of what is now ANSI/IES TM-33-18, “Standard  Format  for the  Electronic  Transfer of  Luminaire Optical Data,” and its Italian mirror standard, UNI 11733:2019. We are currently chairing CIE Technical Committee 2-92, which is developing an extended version of TM-33 that should become a joint CIE/ISO international standard. These industry standards satisfy the needs of horticultural lighting and developing UVGI applications, as well as future theatrical lighting design with multichannel LED luminaires and near-field PPFD and irradiance applications.

CeriseDocs combines the features of popular photometric file viewing programs with those needed for TM-33-18 / UNI 11733  and the forthcoming CIE/ISO standard. It also enables users to convert legacy ANSI/IES LM-63 and EULUMDAT files into TM-33-18 documents without any loss of information, and with the inclusion of optional spectral data in CSV or IES TM-27-14 format (which SunTracker Technologies also developed).

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