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  SunTracker is a precision toolmaker.

The tools that SunTracker creates are lighting

design software tools for architecture,

horticulture, entertainment and health.

These tools have been created and refined over

the past 30 years, and have become an industry

standard in North America and parts of Europe.



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 All Lighting

Ian Ashdown Guest Lectures at Carnegie Mellon University

Ian Ashdown, SunTracker’s Senior Scientist is honoured to be a guest lecturer on February 24, 2021 at Carnegie Mellon University. This course is funded by Illuminating Engineering Society. Nuckolls Fund Grants: 20,000...

Viral Misinformation

SunTracker Technologies Senior Scientist Ian Ashdown's article “Viral Misinformation”, has been featured on Inside Lighting Let’s Address Some Viral Misinformation False claims about UV-C seep into mainstream media....

Spherical Irradiance and Aerosols

Spherical Irradiance and Aerosols

Lighting designers will be familiar with the illuminance of a planar surface, which is measured in lumens per square meter (or foot). The irradiance of a planar surface by a germicidal radiation source is conceptually the same, except that it is measured in watts per...

Designing an Ultraviolet-C Disinfection System

Designing an Ultraviolet-C Disinfection System

There is a newcomer on the block that has gained considerable media attention: far-ultraviolet excimer lamps. Recent medical studies have indicated that, unlike 254 nm radiation, the 207 nm and 222-nm “far-UV” radiation emitted by excimer lamps is likely harmless...

Our Food Security:

Recent public health events have highlighted the need for food security in local communities. In northern (and less hospitable) climates like Canada long term, year round food growth will depend on indoor facilities such as greenhouses, vertical farms (plant factories), and hybrid facilities. Proper lighting is critical for these facilities to successfully produce the necessary quality and quantity of food to sustain the population at a reasonable cost. SunTracker has developed CAD modelling tools to allow the horticultural industry to assess and specify the most efficient and effective commercial lighting for the horticulture industry, lighting that is critical for the sustainability of food security.

COVID-19 – A Message from SunTracker

The novel Coronavirus COVID-19, the associated health of friends and family is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts at this time. We are taking efforts to protect our clients, research partners, and our team. Our goal is to ensure a healthy environment for all. As such, our team will continue to work remotely to serve our clients and research partners virtually, and we will continue to operate online and through other media. Technical support will be unchanged as we adopt to the realities of increased self isolation and potential quarantine. You may continue to contact us through email and telephone, and we will respond accordingly. If you have questions please contact our VP Communications and Marketing:

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