Illuminating Integrity in Lighting

Illuminating Integrity in Lighting

SunTracker Technologies Announces Helios32 Radiosity Renderer™ Licensee

Mar 19, 2019 | News, Press Release

Victoria, BC, 01 January 2017

SunTracker Technologies Ltd. ( announces Glamox AS as a licensee of its Helios32 Radiosity Renderer™ software.

Glamox is a Norwegian industrial group that develops, manufactures and distributes professional lighting solutions for the global market. The Glamox Group is a leading supplier to the world’s marine and offshore markets, and a significant supplier to the professional building market in Europe.


Helios32 Radiosity Renderer™ provides core functionality for computer modelling and simulation tools used for designing lighting projects and calculating the amount of light that will be delivered based on user-set parameters.