Illuminating Integrity in Lighting

Illuminating Integrity in Lighting


Lighting Design Calculation Engine

The powerful engine that drives the Cerise Suite of software.

SunTracker develops and licenses Cerise365™ lighting simulation software for architectural, entertainment, health and horticultural applications. SunTracker’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software has been widely used, and is well established as the standard for architectural and roadway applications.

Cerise365™ lighting simulation software is capable of performing complex calculations to predict and quantify the distribution of light on roadways and inside residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, as well as greenhouses, polytunnels, vertical farms, and plant factories.

Cerise365™ fully supports climate-based daylight modelling (CBDM). Through a patented approach to CBDM, Cerise365™ makes hourly calculations of the distributions of both direct sunlight, and diffuse daylight to a specific location throughout the year.

This approach enables architects, engineers, and lighting designers to predict daylight availability in the design phase of new or retrofit construction. With this knowledge, designers can plan electric lighting and estimate its annual operational costs on a monthly basis.

Cerise365™ additionally supports the Illumination Engineering Society TM-33 Luminaire Optical Data format (XML and JSON).