Illuminating Integrity in Lighting

Illuminating Integrity in Lighting


Entertainment Lighting

Cerise365+Mandato™ Software will allow lighting designers to fully utilize the abilities of today’s architectural and entertainment lighting design programs, enabling designers to: specify dimmable lighting channels; use DMX-512 controllers; and lighting scripts as tools to create dynamic lighting designs; all of which are visualized as real-time, interactive videos.

Features of Cerise365+Mandato™ include:

  • Import lighting design projects from Lighting Analysts’ AGi32 or ElumTools
  • Interface with McNeel & Associates’ Rhino CAD modeller
  • Independently dim and switch luminaires on as many as 64 lighting channels.
  • Model colour-changing luminaires
  • Connect to DMX-512 lighting control panels to record and play lighting commands

Cerise365+Mandato™ allows users to see exactly what your dynamic colour-changing lighting designs will look like, conveniently offered as a software-as-a-server product and can be run on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.