Illuminating Integrity in Lighting

Illuminating Integrity in Lighting


Cerise365™ – the powerful engine that drives the Cerise™ Suite of software.

Architectural lighting includes commercial, industrial, residential, tunnel, and roadway lighting.

Professionals in manufacturing, measuring, specifying, and installing lighting systems, all of whom work together on creating a desired lighting experience for the end user:

  • Architects – create the lighting vision
  • Engineers/lighting designers – design a practical solution to the architect’s vision, including specifying and sourcing lighting systems from different manufacturers
  • Contractors – install the lighting system based on the engineer/lighting designer specifications

SunTracker currently licenses its lighting calculation engine as an OEM tool to create fast, photorealistic CAD lighting models and allow engineers and lighting designers to calculate, plan, and design effective, efficient, quality lighting systems to meet the needs of an end user.

There are an estimated 60,000 users of its lighting calculation engine worldwide.

SunTracker has developed Cerise365™, a lighting calculation engine with fast calculation times, predictive daylight calculations, and means by which LEED® certification and WELL Building Standard® may be determined.

We are also currently in development of Cerise365™+CeriseDesigner™: planning made simple for architectural lighting. Sign up for our R&D updates (in the footer) to follow the development of this software.