Our Company

SunTracker was formed in 2011 to access the power of predictive daylighting, precision modelling, using high speed, and high performance algorithms. As stand alone software, or incorporated with third party systems to add value to existing products, SunTracker is committed to using it’s patented technology to reduce energy consumption, and effective use of light, heat, humidity and other parameters in a system to meet the needs of the horticulture industry.

SunTracker Technologies is a green technology company incorporating over 35 years software and engineering experience to develop products to effectively model and control horticultural environments to maximize efficiency, reduce energy and and utilize but not alter the natural environment. We license horticultural, architectural, and architainment light planning software.

Our Team

Wallace Scott, CD - Senior IP Counsel

Called to the BC Bar in 1996, Wallace has practiced law extensively, providing advice, planning, implementation, management, and due diligence to clients in technology, intellectual property, corporate commercial, business, finance, and litigation. With a varied background which includes software engineering, human biology, bio mechanics, and with experience in the optoelectronics industry, Wallace is the co-inventor on issued US patents and is currently engaged as a founder and director of SunTracker Technologies Ltd.


Wallace was previously engaged in-house including as General Counsel for TIR Systems Ltd., responsible for the concurrent prosecution and management of over 170 US and foreign patents and applications, and as Senior IP Counsel for Philips Intellectual Property and Standards headquartered out of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. In 2011 Wallace left as in-house counsel to start his own practice focusing on the unique needs of start-up companies and small business.


Ian Ashdown, P. Eng. (Ret.) FIES - Senior Scientist

He holds a Bachelor’s degree (1973) in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree (2001) in computer Science, and he is the author ofRadiosity: A Programmer’s Perspective (Wiley 1994). The software presented in this book has been under continual development since its publication, and is licensed to Lighting Analysts (Littleton, CO) for their AGi32 and ElumToolsarchitectural and roadway lighting design software, and to Glamox AS (Molde, Norway) for their OptiWin 3D Pro architectural and marine lighting design software.

He is a member of the American Society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers (ASABE), where he has served on three technical committees developing plant radiation metrics and horticultural luminaire testing and performance, and he is a member of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS). His current research and development interests involve all aspects of horticultural lighting design.