Illuminating Integrity in Lighting

Illuminating Integrity in Lighting

Horticann Light + Tech Confrence

Oct 16, 2020 | News, Press Release

We are excited to announce that SunTracker Technologies’ Senior Scientist, Ian Ashdown will be presenting at the HortiCann Light+Tech virtual conference on Tuesday, October 20th, at 2:00 PM EDT. Registration is free.

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Session overview: Ongoing research has clearly demonstrated the importance of spectral power distribution to plant growth and health, but lighting manufacturers have yet to provide this information to their customers. Ian Ashdown will review the advantages of providing dynamic red to far-red (R:FR) lighting, Leora Radetsky will discuss why the DesignLights Consortium needs SPDs for product qualification, and Eric Bretschneider will explain how SPDs can be measured and published.