SunTracker is proud to announce that on 29 October 2020, the USPTO published patent US 2020/0344858 A1 “TEMPORALLY MODULATED LIGHTING SYSTEM AND METHOD” to SunTracker Technologies Ltd. as assignee. The disclosure can be viewed here:

Published #: US 2020/0344858 A1         Issue Date: 29-Oct-20 
Electric light sources typically exhibit temporal variations in luminous flux output, commonly known as “flicker.” Flicker, or temporal modulation, is known to influence growth, health and behavior patterns of humans, and is also linked to growth, health and behavior patterns throughout the growth cycle of plants and animals. Control of peak radiant flux emitted by a light source to temporally modulate a light source will allow for the control of plants and animals for sustainable farming including but not limited to horticultural, agricultural, or aquacultural endeavors. The light source allows the transmission of daylight, which is combined with the flicker.