Illuminating Integrity in Lighting

Illuminating Integrity in Lighting


SunTracker’s CerisePhoto is a Microsoft Windows™ program designed to bulk convert IES LM-63-xx and EULUMDAT photometric data files into equivalent IES TM-33-18 / UNI 11733 luminaire optical data documents without loss of information. It is intended for luminaire manufacturers who have hundreds to thousands of photometric data files for their products and need to convert them into the modern TM-33 luminaire optical data document format.

The conversion process is lossless, so that the resultant TM-33 documents can be converted back into LM-63 or EULUMDAT photometric data files for use with legacy lighting design and analysis programs.

CerisePhoto also accepts spectral power distribution data as either CSV (comma-separated value) spreadsheets or IES TM-27-14 spectral data files that may be combined with the photometric data files.

CerisePhoto further exports luminaire optical data in either XML format for compliance with IES TM-33-18 and UNI 11733 or JSON format. The JSON format is compliant with the draft International Standard Format for the Electronic Transfer of Luminaire Optical Data currently being prepared as a joint CIE / ISO standard by CIE Technical Committee 2‑92.

A Windows dynamic link library (DLL) version of CerisePhoto is also available for licensing as an OEM component for clients’ in-house application software.